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Introducing our transformative Online Yoga platform, designed to revitalize your mind, body, and spirit. Experience our holistic approach to wellness with accessible and diverse yoga offerings, tailored to suit your unique needs. Starting at just ₹2990 per month, our Online Yoga classes provide unmatched convenience and flexibility.

For a more personalized experience, try our one-on-one Personal Yoga sessions at ₹7900 or elevate your well-being with our comprehensive Yoga for Wellness package, priced at ₹17900. Begin your journey towards a balanced lifestyle with our expert guidance and discover the profound benefits of yoga. Embrace the change you deserve today.

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Benefits of Yoga

Ongoing research shows that the physical benefits of yoga extend beyond stress reduction to a number of conditions, including the following:

Suitable for everyone

Yoga is suitable for people of all ages, body types and fitness levels.

Lose Weight

Yoga is the most effective way to lose weight in a healthy and safe way.

Reduces stress

Daily yoga practice is a great way to relieve stress, feel more energized.

Raise your energy

Daily Yoga practice can boost energy levels and improve mental focus.

Train the mind

Regular yoga practice can help your mind to become clearer and more focused.

Balance hormones

Yoga can help bring your hormone levels back into balance.

Our Online Yoga Classes And Course

Online Yoga Classes
Starts From ₹2990

Yoga Retreat In Rishikesh
Starts From ₹24900

200 Hour Yoga TTC
Starts From ₹59000

Yoga For Beginners
Starts From ₹1690

Yoga For Weight loss
Starts From ₹7900

Advance Yoga Classes
Starts From ₹9000

About Us

Ganga Yogshala is very sacred by its very name; “Ganga” is a pious river of great accreditation that flows in India and Bangladesh. In Hindu tradition and culture, this river has great significance. 

The word “Yogshala” is a combination of two words: “Yog” or “Yoga” and “Shala” means “school”. 

At “Ganga Yogshala” (one of the best online yoga classes studio in Rishikesh) one can learn and practice the yoga through various yoga course, i.e. 3 months online yoga class without certificate, 3 months online yoga course with certificate, daily yoga classes & yoga retreat under the guidance of experience & well professional yog gurus or yoga teachers.



Our Yogis Say

Rashmi Kalra
Rashmi Kalra
Classes are incredibly good in Ganga Yogshala. The best thing I want to share is I am amazed to see the observation of the teachers individually on each student even in the online classes. Instructions are clear and detailed to apply easily. Every teacher is equally good and experienced. They have many batches in a day. So, we get the flexibility of attending any batch if we don't get the time to attend our registered batch (However, that should be done occasionally. Sticking to a one batch is more advised as the teacher can see your progress) Their classes has improved my teaching style and level also and my students clearly notice it in their practice. Getting Iyengar yoga classes from Ganga Yogshala is the best decision I have made.
Dhwani Rathi
Dhwani Rathi
The teachers are focused and amazing, details to small corrections in yoga asana and improvement of student's practice is a priority for them. With them, there is learning and growning. Thank you so much Ganga Yogshala for imparting your knowledge and making our lives healthier.
poornima chauhan
poornima chauhan
I’ve been practicing yoga online at Ganga Yogshala (apyogaindia) for a few weeks now. All the classes are conducted online by highly skilled professionals who are unfailingly polite and patient. They conduct 7 classes every day from Monday - Friday for one hour each - the first one starting at 6 am and last one ending at 6.15. In spite of the classes conducted online, the instructors don’t miss to notice and correct your postures. Every individual is given personal attention. The most important & best part is - you can attend any class throughout the day depending on your daily schedule. The group size per class is kept small to provide personal attention. Ganga Yogshala has changed my practice. I’m not only seeing measurable results, but I’m also feeling more energetic and focused. Practicing yoga 5 days a week has made my body more flexible and light. Looking forward to continue my practice and work towards a healthy lifestyle - physically & mentally. Overall, I would highly recommend Ganga Yogshala to anyone looking to start their yoga journey or existing yogis who are looking to deepen their practice and understanding of yoga. Namaste
Sandyalakshmi Pai
Sandyalakshmi Pai
I am doing online yoga classes with Ganga Yogshala for past one month, and the classes are excellent!!!! They are not so fast, not in a hurry to rush up the asanas, as a beginner I wanted to understand the asanas and then perform it... The online classes exactly providing the same. The master is noticing each n every member and correcting the postures. The complicated asanas are being taught easily by more preparation steps. Thank you Ganga Yogshala.
Geetha Korampally
Geetha Korampally
Great Gurus! The queues in these classes have helped me fix the alignments and improve my practice. I am able to progress on my journey to strength and flexibility using these classes. I thoroughly enjoy practicing with the best gurus and always look forward to the next class!
Nagula Sravanthi
Nagula Sravanthi
I experienced a sense of lightness both physically and mentally. It was really a great idea to add yoga into my daily routine. I would like to thank Ganga Yogshala Team and the assistance of Tejaswini ji and also for being so flexible with the timings though I was never on time due to my busy schedule. Thank you.
Monika Rawat
Monika Rawat
I am doing evening yoga session with Mayank sir (Gangayogshala). I must tell the teacher is very professional, knowledgeable and have great experience. I thoroughly enjoy my practice and got so many good benefits interms of health. And also learnt so much from him... My heartfelt thanks to the team 💓💗
Lina Pinilla
Lina Pinilla
I wanted to visit India and contacted the team of Ganga Yogshala before my trip, they received me with open arms and made sure anything I had anything I needed and beyond so I could have a one in a life experience. We spent a few days in The Himalayas, they took me and the other guests to the most wonderful places, we went on hikes, and had wonderful sunrise and sunset Yoga Practices with Guru Abishek, he was knowledgeable and very kind. I’m very grateful to them and for my experience during my days with there, I really had the best time ever, I will be back!
Marco Abe
Marco Abe
It’s been my third week since I have joined Ganga Yogshala, and I have no words to express my deepest gratitude to Guru Abhishek and the staff for this unique learning experience. I am enjoying every single moment of the classes. I am so thankful for the teacher’s caring and loving attitude, amazing knowledge and technics. Hari Om.
Komal Shah
Komal Shah
I have joined Ganga yogshala online classes for almost six months. I love classes and practice. The way of teaching and practice is very smooth. Instructions are very clear that I hardly need to look at screen. Planning and schedule of practice is very well planned and step by step guide. All teachers are very good and expertise. I always had dream of Yoga practice at holy Rishikesh. My dream turn true through yoga retreat by Ganga yogshala. It was such a wonderful experience. Hotel stay food was upto the mark. Abhishek sir classes for yoga practice and lecture had added to my knowledge and cleared concepts. Kalpna mam and Dipak sir are so humble and supportive. Schedule and itenary for yoga retreat was funfull, busy yet relaxing and energising. It was nice experiencing visiting Vashishth cave and shivanand ashram. It was truely amazing experience meeting like minded people, making new friends. I would suggest like normal holidays we should have break like this yog retreat .

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