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Benefits of Yoga

Ongoing research shows that the physical benefits of yoga extend beyond stress reduction to a number of conditions, including the following:

Suitable for everyone

Yoga is suitable for people of all ages, body types and fitness levels.

Lose Weight

Yoga is the most effective way to lose weight in a healthy and safe way.

Reduces stress

Daily yoga practice is a great way to relieve stress, feel more energized.

Raise your energy

Daily Yoga practice can boost energy levels and improve mental focus.

Train the mind

Regular yoga practice can help your mind to become clearer and more focused.

Balance hormones

Yoga can help bring your hormone levels back into balance.

Our Online Yoga Classes And Course

Online Yoga Classes

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About Us

Ganga Yogshala is very sacred by its very name; “Ganga” is a pious river of great accreditation that flows in India and Bangladesh. In Hindu tradition and culture, this river has great significance. 

The word “Yogshala” is a combination of two words: “Yog” or “Yoga” and “Shala” means “school”. 

At “Ganga Yogshala” (one of the best online yoga classes studio in Rishikesh) one can learn and practice the yoga through various yoga course, i.e. 3 months online yoga class without certificate, 3 months online yoga course with certificate, daily yoga classes & yoga retreat under the guidance of experience & well professional yog gurus or yoga teachers.


Our Yogis Say

chaithra gonchikar
chaithra gonchikar
Post COVID, I gained weight and I was feeling difficulty in breathing(Bronchitis) and got PCOS problems. I visited lot of hospitals and came across Ganga yoga school and joined their classes, from then on I was able to reduce weight and my breathing pattern is improving comparatively. Mayank sir helped me with the diet and taught me lot of asanas and correct postures in each asana. Thanks a lot Mayank sir and Abhishek sir. Yoga classes are really helpful 🙏
Disha Sachdeva
Disha Sachdeva
A fabulous class with something for everyone. You will experience the very best support throughout the session. They understand the problems and accordingly guide and provide the solutions. The day I started taking classes I was in bad back pain and it was very difficult for me to change the side while sleeping and getting up in the morning was also painful. But with the help of yoga classes and right guidance from Mayank Sir I have come out from the same problem. Thanks
Preeti Das
Preeti Das
Had an amazing Yoga retreat at Ganga Yogshala. The place had very good accommodation, polite staff and good food. Abhishek Ji and Kalpana Ji were very patient and cooperative. Overall, it was a pleasant stay and would love to be back again!
Akshay Shukla
Akshay Shukla
Great course, showing positive effects after few weeks. Teachers are patient and supportive during the sessions and understand the limitations before initating any new asanas. Would highly recommend for beginners and advanced practioners also
Sir Abhishek is very good and clear with his instructions which makes practice even more disciplined and structured. His sequence also helps one understand how to get to advance poses safely and always counter poses for them, which helps one not to have any body aches later on. I really appreciate the effort he puts into each of his lessons. I would recommend him to beginners as well as advanced Yoga enthusiasts.
Amarjeeth Ria
Amarjeeth Ria
I attended the yoga retreat organized by the wonderful couple Abhishek and Kalpana. 1. About Yoga retreat it was a wonderful experience, njoyed doing yoga under the guidance of Abhishek. Especially the 108 SN being conducted on banks of The Ganges If you are an intermediate to Advanced practioner this retreat is going to be all the more beneficial 2. Accommodation and food Accommodation is absolutely good.Rooms are very sophisticated and clean with all the basic amenities Food served is pure veg meals.I wouldn't say it as satvic because most of the times its going to be aloo.But food tastes like home made.This is one thing probably the hosts can start introducing pure yogic style of food which sort of goes well with the agenda
Vikrant Shinde
Vikrant Shinde
What a wonderful experience, Abhishek and also Abhishek Semawal do take the the effort to ensure you work not only towards your goals but also towards a brighter life and lifestyle.
If in hurry, forget everything else, stop waiting for awesomeness to come your way, just go ahead and join the classes. If you can spare 5 minutes, read on. The endless search for the best Online Yoga Classes ended with Ganga Yogashala, and the reasons why I say so are following (They should also serve as the guiding light for anyone trying to enroll into any online yoga classes). 1) Regularity and Punctuality: The classes run for 6 days a week (in comparison to many reputed classes running them for only 5 days) also 6 days means 6 days a week, It is very rare that classes are cancelled. So ensure that you are ready for this hard yet rewarding work before signing up. 2) Teacher Attention: In some classes teacher sit on a couch and give instructions, in some other they focus so much on doing the practice themselves that they forget about the student who keeps on doing the Asanas wrong. In Ganga Yogashala, there is a Mixed approach that is followed, teacher shows the asanas and then ensures that everyone does them right. 3) Fit to size: The best teacher is one who can understand the level of development of his/her students and accordingly help them. Depending on your progress in the yoga journey, the classes and teachers make sure that they help you as per your requirement, not pushing too hard to cause injury or remaining too damp to make any difference at all. 4) Encouraging Environment: It is you who will have to work at the end of the day, and an encouraging environment is all one needs if his own compass needle is pointing in the right direction. The Teachers along with other senior students make the classes very encouraging, and trust me the effect lasts for much longer than the duration of the classes. 5) Economical: In the name of Yoga, a ton of institutes have come up offering courses at hefty costs, making good fortunes for themselves, and burning holes in students pockets. The course at Ganga Yogashala is not only very economically priced but they do also have a heart to listen to your personal problem if any. Here Yoga is not just a means of earning money, but a very passionate art. Trust me if you are really willing to learn this ancient art, Money will not be a hurdle here. 6) Personal touch of the Master: The teachers are more like a family, you can interact with them freely and tell them your specific problems if any. The practice can be modified as per your specific problem, Ex: If you are suffering from a back problem, the teacher will ensure that the problem is not aggravated and will instruct you separately along with the general instructions for the entire class. In short: the Practice itself and Ganga Yogashala classes have transformative potential, given you are ready to work. Remember: "Doubt Destroys" If you have doubts that yoga will work or not, it will certainly not work for you, have faith and surrender yourself in the hand of the almighty, and your Gurujan. Namaskar, God bless.

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