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Have a balance of perfect body and calm soul.

Explore transformative yoga practices at Ganga Yogshala, where every breath leads to balance and every movement fosters serenity.

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Who we are

No lies, no medicines for better body and health.

At Ganga Yogshala, we believe in the pure power of yoga to heal and strengthen both body and mind. Join us to experience authentic yoga practices in a supportive community where holistic well-being is achieved naturally and sustainably.

Learn about yoga, mindfulness, and a healthy lifestyle.

Dive into the teachings of yoga and mindfulness with Ganga Yogshala. Learn how to foster a healthier, more balanced lifestyle through our comprehensive programs. Begin your transformation today—join us and experience the change.

What we offer

Let the threads of life get connected with yoga

Online Yoga

Experience the flexibility and convenience of our online yoga classes, accessible anywhere and tailored to fit your schedule. Perfect for anyone looking to integrate yoga into their busy life.

Yoga Retreats

Immerse yourself in our Yoga retreats in the serene setting of Rishikesh, where traditional practices and natural beauty create a perfect backdrop for rejuvenation and spiritual growth.

200-Hour Yoga TTC Program

Join our 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification program in Rishikesh, designed to deepen your practice and equip you with the skills to teach yoga with confidence and authenticity.

Yoga Courses

Explore our specialized Yoga Courses, each designed to address specific goals such as wellness, transformation, weight loss, and pain relief, enabling a deeper connection with the self through dedicated practice.

Ready for Health Life?

Unlock your potential for a healthier, more vibrant life with Ganga Yogshala. Discover how our tailored yoga programs can transform your body and mind. Take the first step today and join our community.

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We are empowering transformation and wellness through authentic yoga practices at Ganga Yogshala.


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