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1- Day Free Trial Class

Join our FREE 1 -Day Online Yoga trial class and meet up with our super friendly Yoga trainer and feel the essence of our yoga teaching.

0 / One Day
  • Try first then trust.

1- Month Online Yoga Class

This course is designed for the beginner students who want to begin their journey of Yoga.  Try this course for one month and improve your  Skills. 

2490 /Month
  • Release your work stress with us.
  • vinyasa practice will let your forget everything
  • Save your time and money
  • Boost up your immunity.
  • Strong body and balanced mind .

3-Month Online Yoga Class - Pay for 2 Month & Get One Month Free. (Limited Time Offer)

Ganga Yogshala offers best online yoga classes which is overlooked by the expert Yogis. It is one of the professional as well as personal development opportunities for the students. Pay for 2 month and get one extra month absolutely free. Get this amazing offer Today.

4980 /2 Month+1-Month Free
  • Reaching from beginner level to advanced level
  • We emphasise on details , precision and alignment.
  • injury free practice and we mean it.
  • Transform your body,mind and spirit
  • Make your skin clear of toxins and pollution.
  • Quality of sleep
Limited Time

Online Yoga Personal Class

No matter where you are, you can practice yoga from our personal trainers.

6000 12 Session/Month
  • Your time your space.
  • Absolute comfort.
  • Deeper connection with your instructor.
  • Practice yoga at your own pace no hurry
  • Based on your personal requirements
  • Training with medical conditions

Online Group Yoga Classes For International Students

This course is designed for the international students who want to begin their journey of Yoga.  

$119 /Month
  • Live Online Classes Over Zoom.
  • Save Money $249 / 3 Months.
  • 12 Personal Yoga Sessions/$249
  • 20 Personal Yoga Sessions/$349

3 Months Online Yoga Course With Certificate

Ganga Yogshala is well known yoga school in India approved by government of Uttarakhand.
Our certification gives you an appreciation and boost up in your yoga journey.
14900 /3 Month
  • Become professional Yoga teacher
  • You can start your own Yoga studio
  • Provide certification which is valid worldwide.
  • Improve teaching skills.
  • A solid advanced yoga practice.
  • Build confidence in teaching

200 Hour Yoga TTC Yoga Alliance Accredited Course

The ultimate 200 hours Yoga teachers training course (TTC yoga), to develop your potential and start your new career.

  • Start your Yoga TTC journey with us!
Yoga Alliance

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Yoga creates peace in your mind. It makes you forget about the stress and tensions of your life. We have a holistic approach to teaching and our only aim is to make sure that our students learn to their best and then become capable of delivering the best results.

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Students Reviews

Himanshu Chakraborty
Himanshu Chakraborty
Ganga Yogshala class gives me relaxation and a stress free environment. I would like my friends and family to join the class for a rejuvenating experience in terms of body and mind healing through stretching and breathing exercises. Ganga Yogshala have a created a balanced sequence of asanas which will benefit many youngsters and adults.
veena krishnakumar
veena krishnakumar
When I first contacted Abhishek ji of Ganga yogashalabfor one to one online yoga class, he was very helpful in explaining the process and said Deepak ji would be my guru and he said that Deepak was one of their best teachers. Since then I have been training with Deepak who clearly understands that i need to work around the muscles of my knee as I have a torn miniscus. I must say that it is 6 weeks that I started training and my flexibility and strength have tremendously increased. All thanks to Deepak sir and our practice will continue.
Soban singh Panwar
Soban singh Panwar
Best place to learn Yoga online and Offline. The way Abhishek sir teaches Yoga using props is really commendable. One must join here to learn yoga in a proper way.
Saurab Kumar
Saurab Kumar
I have always highly heard about Rishikesh,but these two people Abhishek Sir and Kalpana Mam and can't forget mentioning their enthusiast team made us experience this divine and pavitra bhoomi. They are gem of people. I have been practicing yoga but these 4 days classes with Abhishek Sir were very very different. I felt another energy within me. Asanas that I always felt are difficult for me to do, looked seamless. And that's a magic of an excellent guru he is. He just takes you on a ride to another yogic world in his meditation sessions. Towards the end of the retreat, I jus didn't wanted to leave this lovely FAMILY and go. When I so deeply say that word, its obvious, I shall keep coming back, as families must be visited in frequent intervals. Thank you for this amazing and comforting journey at Ganga Yogshala. Pranaam🙏
Damar Bahadur
Damar Bahadur
I am so happy to be a student at Ganga yogashala. Everyday I get to learn something new. The technique, the process - explanation given before performing any asana, benefits of the asana, instructions are so clear that thought the classes are online (due to pandemic) but each one of us in the class get to know what and where are we going wrong. Our instructor Abhishek sir is awesome, very professional, helpful and so good at teaching. I found one of the best instructor and institute for my yoga journey. Thank you so much Abhishek sir and Ganga yogashala 🙏
Mannu Singh
Mannu Singh
My experience with Ganga Yogshala is exemplary. 1. Understanding one's abilities, limitations, needs and aspirations is a key factor for teaching Yoga - Sri Sudeep Nautiyal excel in this - both for me (63 year old) and for my wife (who is obese and has health issues) he has acute understanding of this 2. Communication and Professionalism is hallmark of success in any venture, Sri Sudeep is very good at these 3. Knowledge of 'Anatomy and Physiology' of the body and the corresponding competence in Yoga is essential to tailor make the Asanas for different people - Sri Sudeep outshines in this I strongly recommend Ganga Yogshala for any aspirant who wants to learn Yoga and lead a healthy life
Dhanbeer Singh Rana
Dhanbeer Singh Rana
I recently joined the online classes and it has been a good experience so far.Our coach is knowledgable and take care of our needs.The asanas done everyday are different and target different part of body everyday….I am really looking forward to gaining good health and fitness with these classes.
Ved Prakash
Ved Prakash
Since I have been practicing with your team , I have noticed visible improvement in my mental health , alignment ,visibly toned arms (I have always struggled to reduce the arm fat).Also I like the flexibility of class timings as that’s more important.All the yoga gurus are exceptionally professional and conducts the class effectively.Thank you Team.
Jassi Ghaght
Jassi Ghaght
I have been practicing Yoga under Abhishek Jii's guidance. The sessions has been fabulous, helping me to relax, learning different postures for flexibility, strength..Master has in depth knowledge of Yoga which benefits us as student's..would recommend people to get into Yoga in everyone's day to day life and take proper training and this Ganga Yogshala is one best place to learn it the PROPER WAY Thank you Master
Sudha Penumaka
Sudha Penumaka
Yoga transforms and make us to see everything good and balanced. Life is all about balance is what we can learn from an authentic Yoga. I am blessed to be part of yogic journey and trying to make my life balance. I am delighted from within to do Yoga under guidance of Abhishek Ji from Ganga Yoga Shala. The name itself connects ourselves to the supreme creation. I have been practicing since 2 months and I find the flexibility, strength, calmness and Discipline. A day without yoga is incomplete. I still have to be more dedicated and disciplined in practicing regularly. Abhishek sir instructs so well to reach the final pose / asana even though it is touch asana, we will end up at least trying and reach till 90% at first place. I used to follow in Insta and admired for their asana sequence and steps to reach the particular asana. Kalpana Ji is also very good in taking the class and focus on perfection by doing. The class starts with Mantra - shows yoga is not exercise it is spiritually connected within ourselves. And Yoga should be way of Life. I must say this, there is a common and unique teaching style here in every teacher (Abhishek Ji, Mayank, Deepak and Kalpana Ji - I have attended these teacher's classes :-))of GYS with a common goal / purpose that they impart their knowledge to everyone in such a way that Yoga will be part of everyone's Life. There is so much to learn from Abhishek ji and hoping to learn the perfection at least 10% of you. :-)) Everyday class is soo exciting makes me to wait for next class. At this point I want to say that I will definitely try not miss any class / practice. After doing practice, I will never get tired for doing so Infact it makes me soo active and good. I am happpy to say it again that I am blessed to learn and practice yoga in GYS. And I must also mention that the GYS team is available and we can connect for any queries, clarifications, doubts, suggestions to make our practices better and better. My heartfelt wishes to the Team Ganga Yoga Shala for their success and bright future. Looking forward to meet you all and to spend best time in Retreat.

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Ganga Yogshala, in name, is itself very sacred; “Ganga” is a pious river with great accreditation flows in the country of India and Bangladesh. In Hindu tradition & culture, this river holds a great significance. The word “Yogshala” is a combination of two words; “Yog” or “Yoga” and “Shala” means “School”. At “Ganga Yogshala” ( One of the best Online Yoga Classes Studio In Rishikesh) one can learn and practice the yoga through different yoga course, i.e, 3 month online Yoga Class without certificate, 3 month  Online Yoga Course with certificate, Daily Yoga classes& Yoga Retreat under the guidance of experience & well-profession yog-gurus or yoga teachers.

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