Slim Down With These 5 Easy Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

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Yoga is a great form of exercise that helps you lose weight, but there are many poses that can help you slim down even more. These five easy yoga poses will help you burn calories, tone your muscles and get the body you’ve always wanted.

Tree pose

Tree pose is a simple yoga posture that helps calm the mind. It can be done for five minutes or even longer, depending on your comfort level.

To do tree pose:

  • Stand straight with both feet together and parallel to each other.
  • Take hold of your big toes with your hands and bring them towards each other so that you are balancing on one leg in front of you (the one being held by your hands).
  • Bring the other foot in between your legs as if you were going to squat down, but keep your back upright throughout this movement—don’t let it sag forward! Now hold the position for 15-30 seconds before switching sides. If this feels too difficult at first, try doing it against a wall or chair until you build up some strength in those hip flexors and glutes!

Warrior 1

  • How to do the pose: Step your left foot back about 3 feet, opening your hips and chest. Raise your arms overhead and look up toward the ceiling. Lean back slightly as you push down through the right heel, keeping the right knee straight but not locked. The left leg should be bent at an angle between 90 degrees and 60 degrees (or as much as possible depending on flexibility), with toes pointing forward.
  • How to modify: If you need more support in this pose, place a block underneath each hand or stack two blocks under one hand; keep shoulders over hips while lifting up through core muscles of both legs.
  • What muscles are used? This pose works every muscle group in both legs and core; it also strengthens wrists and shoulders for optimal balance during standing poses like Warrior 2 or Triangle Pose (Trikonasana).
  • What benefits can I get from doing this pose? Warrior 1 is an excellent way to build stamina and prevent injury before moving onto more challenging standing poses like Triangle or Warrior 2, which require a great deal of strength throughout the body’s foundation system for balance. It also increases flexibility throughout hamstrings—the large muscle behind thighs that helps us bend backward—and improves focus by forcing concentration on breathing patterns while holding breath without straining face muscles or causing dizziness due to oxygen deprivation if done properly according

Cow face pose

Cow face pose, also known as gomukhasana, is a deep hip opener that can help stretch your lower back and thighs.

To do cow face pose:

  • Kneel on the floor with knees hip-width apart and hands on the mat in front of you, fingers pointing toward your body. Keep your shoulders relaxed away from your ears by drawing them down to feel more at ease.
  • Bend forward from the waist with spine long so that chest is parallel to or slightly below knees; keep hips square or turned slightly inward (if there is discomfort here, try turning them out). Rest forehead on mat or block between legs if desired; stay here for five breaths if it feels comfortable for you

Lizard lunge

The lizard lunge is a great way to tone the legs and glutes, while improving balance and stability. It also helps loosen up tight hamstrings and lower back muscles that can often lead to back pain—another benefit of practicing yoga poses like this one!

To do this pose:

  • Begin in downward facing dog with your hands on the floor directly beneath your shoulders, knees bent with feet hip-width apart.
  • Shift forward into downward facing dog with only your toes touching the floor (your heels will be off the ground), inhaling as you lower down into it. Then exhale as you shift into a high plank position by moving from your wrists to place all of your weight on them instead of just palms or fingertips alone; keep shoulders aligned over wrists so there’s no arching in either direction here either.
  • Now begin bending one knee at a time until both are flat against their respective sides; when coming out again always start with the same side first so that each leg gets equal time under tension during each rep before switching sides (for example: left first then right). The final step is simply standing back up again using strong core muscles rather than momentum from momentum alone!

Bridge pose

Bridge pose, or baddha konasana, is the perfect way to strengthen your core and open up your chest.

Lie on your back with knees bent and soles of feet flat against the floor. Raise your hips so that they’re parallel with the floor, then draw inwards towards each other while keeping both heels firmly planted on the ground. The arms should be alongside your body and palms pressed together at heart level — this is called “goddess mudra.” Hold for 30 seconds to a minute before dropping down into downward dog pose or child’s pose for a moment of relaxation. Repeat three times per day until you’ve reached 20 repetitions total (at which point it’ll probably start feeling like too much work).

These yoga poses are easy and can be done everyday in order to lose weight.

These yoga poses are easy and can be done everyday in order to lose weight. They can be done at home, in front of the television or as part of a morning routine. No equipment is required for these yoga poses for weight loss:

  • Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)
  • Sideways Bend (Parsva Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana)


Yoga is a great way to lose weight and stay healthy. It helps you focus on what’s important in life, which is why it’s so popular among celebrities today. If you want to get started with yoga, try these 5 poses for weight loss and see how they work for you!